Coffee Break Escapes with Auntie Lenora

Hey, it’s Auntie Lenora here with a brand-new blog, Coffee Break Escapes with (who else?) Auntie Lenora. You may have to sign in, or create a WordPress account, to leave a comment. With luck, that will be a one-time deal, at least creating the account. Signing in may be another story; sorry about that.

I’m letting the old blog die a natural death. For whatever reason, I was having, after years on that particular hosting site, problems. Perhaps I had used my lifetime supply of commas? I dunno.

Anyhow, I thought we really need yet one more blog, one in which I shall do my best to avoid discussions of either pandemics or politics, and offer lighter fare, shorter fare, suitable for a coffee break. 

Okay, there is one other reason for the new blog. An ulterior motive, if you please. I am working at developing, recording, and publishing some podcasts. They aren’t quite ready for prime time. Yet. But soon, I hope. 

Learning how to use new software, and hardware, isn’t always easy. But, y’know what? I am living proof even an old fartess can learn a new trick or two. Like how to record a podcast, using a podcast mic instead of the built-in mic of the computer. I had originally thought of doing videos, but I had to read the script, and it was way too annoying watching my eyes go forth and back and forth and back. Kind of like watching a metronome or a watch swinging on a chain. Boring. Not to mention the horrible thought of mesmerizing the viewer. I’d feel terrible if your partner came home and found you in a trance, staring at the computer. And if the viewer tended toward motion sickness, not fun at all. So, my podcasts were born. They are growing fast, and will soon be past the toddler stage, I hope.

Here’s Auntie Lenora in front of her podcast mic.

They will, for the most part, be short, around ten minutes or so. Some longer. Most will be my fiction, nonfiction, or (oh, shudder) poetry; however, there will be the works of some of my friends, too. Some I shall record; some they shall record. And—excitement and a drum roll please—I have a theme song, composed and recorded by Farris Hallaj. He is the grandson of my publisher, Dixie, and has the most amazing voice. You can find him at Farris Hallaj Music on both YouTube and Facebook.

As soon as I have a half dozen episodes recorded, I’ll upload them to the podcast platform of my choice and let y’all know. In the meantime, don’t you like my cover? It was designed by AzeeCreations on Fiverr. Thought I’d use it for the blog as well as the Podcast. 

I hope you enjoy this new blog and will subscribe and return for the next one. Remember, the coffee’s always ready, the biscotti are homemade, and it’s always time for a short break.

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy, and remember to care for one another, because one another is all we’ve really got.